October Press Round Up

Though winter’s fast approaching, Wolf PR’s designers show no signs of slowing down with features in T, Ravelin, Refinery29, and many others. Here are some of the highlights:


Claste – T Magazine

Even if the air is getting chillier, things were in bloom over at T Magazine. Claste’s How Fragile This Love looked light and airy alongside other clear furnishings for this “Full Transparency” photostory. Looks like millennial pink and blue are here to stay.



ZigZagZurich – Ravelin

“Of all your possessions and all your linens, it’s your bedding that knows you the most intimately,” leads Ravelin’s interview Sunny Todd. Maybe this is why the amazing husband-and-wife duo created all their designs for their ZigZagZurich collaboration by hand — cutting and silk screening colorful patterns that were blown up for linens, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Sunny Todd chatted with Ravelin all about their process, their belief in the analogue in a digital age, and how a bold email landed them their partnership with ZigZagZurich.


Action Method – Refinery29

And, finally, it’s not everyday a planner gets called “sexy.” But we’re glad to hear that some users, like Refinery 29’s Judith Ohikuare, find something “slightly erotic” in Action Method’s clever and elegant Action Book (no shame, Judith, we like it too). Guess it must be the sex appeal that ensured the Action Book made the cut of Refinery29’s “5 Awesome Planners to Help Keep Track of Your Life.”